Thursday, February 25, 2010

What's YOUR beef?

"There aren't any beef recipes in this magazine" was the observation made by my sweet daughter-in-law as she flipped through the pages of one of the several magazines I purchase monthly. Becca's comment motivated me to search the other magazines on my coffee table and to my dismay there were very few beef recipes. Paula Deen, the Butter Queen, only had one beef recipe and that was IN a salad. One magazine featured a recipe for meatloaf with a (gasp) TURKEY version beside it-- inferring the newer version is "Better-for-You".

I don't want to pluck out the white meat producers. I believe there is room on the table for all the food God has given us--at different meals, of course. But evidently food editors and dietitians have decided to butcher the beef industry and blame the cow for America's obesity epidemic.

Yes, I am biased. We are beef producers. I am also concerned. According to the Community Nutrition Research Group, Americans are increasingly overfed yet undernourished. 60% of girls ages 12-19 are iron deficient and 47% are zinc deficient. Where's the beef???

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  1. Very true. Much maligned and scorned by Hollywood, I'm thinking... Nice post, and the recipe looks fantastic.. Wouldn't it be pretty in the Temptations muffin cup.