Thursday, July 23, 2009

You can imagine my dismay when my senior-citizen friend asked me to find the following poem for her (especially since I had just celebrated the "senior-discount" birthday)!
"The woman was old, wrinkled and gray
Bent with the chill of the winter's day..."
She said she remembered memorizing it in school, "Isn't it funny what you remember?" she asked me.
Well, I didn't find that funny and I haven't found the rest of the poem yet. Can you help me?
In spite of the warm summer day, it was chilling to me that THAT was on her mind.
I remember another elderly friend bringing her flower garden to me to "start" in my flower beds. It was her last gift to me--and the "start" of our HONEYSUCKLE Hill.
I wouldn't mind this "Senior Discount" if the discount didn't include losing friends and family-and I hope my life is completed with "starts" ...