Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pinky and Pug

For my granddaughter Grace it is "pinky and pug". Granddaughter, Lydea has "bunny and plug". One time, Papa drove 20 miles at ll o'clock at night to bring Abigail's pinky to her so the rest of the family could have peace. For me it is "coffee and chocolate".

And yes, Papa has had to drive out of his way to bring peace-I mean a piece-of chocolate and a cup of coffee to Nana...

Like Grace and Lydea, whenever I need soothing, I make a pot of coffee and reach for m&m's or a Snickers, or....if I can't find those handy, I run to the pantry and pull out the chocolate chips....ummmmm! as my "pinky and pug".

Tired and weary and in need of a nap, just give me my coffee and chocolate....
Frustrated and frettting---cast my cares on the coffee and chocolate....
Hurried and stressed--Starbucks is the answer!
Celebrating a birthday, an achievement or a visit with a friend----bring on the coffee and chocolate!

Well, I received the call this morning. Grace's parents informed me that "pug" is broke---permanently....and furthermore, the "pugs" at Nana's are to disappear!

What a blow! Two-year old Grace has to grow up----her parents said so.
Maybe it is time for ??????-year-old Nana to grow up, too!

Well, I have to admit the coffee and chocolate ARE just temporary "fixes" for my highs and lows...and actually add to my stress and frustration when I step on the scales.

I don't know yet what Grace's parents are replacing the "pug" with---but I do know I am to go to my Creator for REAL peace via Bible reading and prayer. So Grace, Nana is reaching for a cup of Living Water and the Bread of Life.

(Of course, His Word also says "moderation in all things". Surely, my morning cup of Java and occasional chocolate will be ok...?) Grace gets to keep "pinky", doesn't she?

I'll keep you posted!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

You can imagine my dismay when my senior-citizen friend asked me to find the following poem for her (especially since I had just celebrated the "senior-discount" birthday)!
"The woman was old, wrinkled and gray
Bent with the chill of the winter's day..."
She said she remembered memorizing it in school, "Isn't it funny what you remember?" she asked me.
Well, I didn't find that funny and I haven't found the rest of the poem yet. Can you help me?
In spite of the warm summer day, it was chilling to me that THAT was on her mind.
I remember another elderly friend bringing her flower garden to me to "start" in my flower beds. It was her last gift to me--and the "start" of our HONEYSUCKLE Hill.
I wouldn't mind this "Senior Discount" if the discount didn't include losing friends and family-and I hope my life is completed with "starts" ...

Saturday, June 13, 2009


"A daughter is...a joy bringer, a heart warmer, a memory maker. A daughter is love."

All I asked was to show me how to READ blogs by OTHER people...and now look what happened! One of my three joy bringers, heart warmers and memory makers SET ME UP with a blog space! And she didn't even tell the truth...I am not beautiful (I've been called "approachable" because of my brownish-red and white hair, freckles and crooked teeth.) and I am not a writer. I am a reader. I love to read. As you can tell from my daughter's grandiose description of our farm and hospitality, SHE is the CREATIVE writer!

But we do have fun living, working and sharing our farm life with our family and friends. Along with joy, our daughters come with BEAUTIFuL grandchildren, faithful pets, inspiring gifts of flowers, jewelry, and even kitchen curtains! They arrive with delicious desserts, the coffee I forgot while buying groceries, and enough energy to light an entire city! Our daughter-in-love (law) can read me like a book and knows when to distract the grandchildren so that I can concentrate on dinner preparations and then after everyone goes home, she straightens up my computer desk-top AND my kitchen counter-tops and lets me play with grandbabies!!!

As far as memory-making goes, these three daughters know that their mother is scatterbrained. So they have organized my scrapbooking, computer, cabinets and closets...or maybe I should say they have tried. Most of all, they have taught me that some memories are for keeping, others need to be discarded like worn-out clothes and special memories should be shared...especially with daughters!! Thank you, girls!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Tea Parties, Birthday Parties, Spa Parties and More!

Mom's officially a blogger! My husband and I pulled in the driveway as the clock chimed 7:30 PM and the sweet aroma of Honeysuckle filled our senses. I was home! The "horse of dog", Beethoven, came barreling toward me eager to walk us toward the door and received his head rubbing. As we opened the door my neice, Lydea, in the arms of her beautiful Nana greeted us with hugs and kisses.

We soon filled our tummies with deliscious, tender and all-natural steak, fresh potatoes and greenbeans from her garden and finished the course off with smooth and rich blueberry sauce over a cream pie. Delish!

Our conversation over dinner led to Mom sharing with us her new love for Mary Jane's Farm (no worries, it's a simply delightful magazine). Page after page displayed elegant pictures of gardens, chic crafts and patterns of fabric. It served as the chocolate shavings on the cherry chocolate cake! Mom needed a blog. That's all there was to it!

And here she is on Honeysuckle Hill Farm. She's the most amazing writer you will ever read. Please relax, enjoy and be drizzled with the aroma of this enticing flower.

Lovingly, Kara E